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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
The Exemplar Team
Exemplar Business

Who Are We?

Exemplar is a innovative new economy professional services firm serving high-growth mid-market companies, and specializing in being their most highly valued primary-care professional services firm across the disciplines of Law, Business, and Capital.  At Exemplar, our commitment is to serving our Customers, not tracking our timesheets.


What Makes Us Different?

Exemplar Law is the first law firm in the nation to abandon hourly billing in favor of fixed, value-based pricing - and one of only a few firms that offer a value guarantee with the expressed goal of fostering open, long-term relationships.


Exemplar Capital is a new-economy Investment Bank and fund family specialized in middle-market representation.  Visit our Innovations Page on the main navigation to see more about how we are different.


We strive to offer VIP treatment to every Customer, and measure our success based on exceeding your expectations.


How Do We Work?

Our unique and diversified team crosses the disciplines of law and business to better meet the needs of our Customers. Our innovative, holistic approach ensures growth and success and greatly increases the competitive advantage of our Customers.  We work with the best and brightest business leaders of the day who are revolutionizing industries.


We have assembled an impressive, passionate and entrepreneurial team of Law, Business, and Investment Banking leaders to address the myriad of issues facing companies in today’s challenging business environment. Our team works closely with our Customers to provide trusted advice, incomparable support, expert guidance and the ultimate competitive advantage as they accelerate their businesses and position themselves to transform the marketplace.


About Exemplar 

Exemplar is a closely integrated family of companies including Exemplar Law, LLC, Exemplar Business, a Busines Execution Firm, and Exemplar Capital, a Business Capital and Investment Banking firm, converging to form the most holistic and powerful combination of services to accelerate the growth of business in the market.

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  • Growing Businesses
  • Overcoming Business Challenges
  • Protecting A Customer’s Interest
  • Providing Counsel and Support
  • True Partnership
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