An Exemplar Company
Tuesday, June 28, 2016

No company is an island, no matter its business geography, demographic, sector or model. The world is also becoming a much smaller place. As the result of growing global convergences, companies seeking to expand into new markets, domestic as well as foreign, are likely to encounter challenging and unfamiliar regional and/or national competitors, legal systems and government practices that may potentially place their assets and operations at increased risk. Adopting a ‘business as war strategy’ is only one possible option to addressing these issues. Structuring different types of collaborative relationships with potential business adversaries and governmental entities is another.

We specialize in identifying and assessing these types of business risks and opportunities, and in helping our customers to adeptly manage (minimize or exploit) them, including top experts in Federal and International Tax, International Tax Structures to manage tax efficiency, and state and federal tax and accounting.  This key foundation of expertise lays the groundwork for our planning market entry strategy

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