An Exemplar Company
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

At Exemplar, we ensure each Customer gets the value they paid for by standing behind every engagement with a Value Guarantee!  Our commitment is to serving our Customers, not tracking our timesheets. We are one of the first law firms in the nation to offer a service guarantee with the mission of fostering open, long-term relationships. We strive to offer VIP treatment to every Customer, and measure our success based on meeting or exceeding your expectations.

Because you deserve to get value from your professional services firm.  By offering a Value Guarantee, we hold ourselves accountable to consistently deliver value and ensure that our Customers receive the service and quality they expect on each engagement every time.  At Exemplar, we constantly strive to serve our Customers to the best of our ability, improve our services, and build a better and stronger firm.  The Service Guarantee is just one of the many value-adds we use to keep us on our toes and meeting our Customers’ needs.

We are so confident we will deliver unmatched value in the services we provide that we encourage you to determine what the value of the service was worth to you. If the value was less than the price you paid, call us and together we will determine a fair price. By defining the unmet expectation or how we could have better served you, you are helping us make adjustments and improve our service. Providing and improving value to our customers is the primary measure of our success!

It’s Called Exemplar Value Share!  At Exemplar, our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver unprecedented value.  To align our interests, our Customers share in the extra value with us with Exemplar’s Value Share Program. It is not unusual for us to create a success for our Customers and for them to share in the value greater than double the transaction price.