An Exemplar Company
Sunday, June 26, 2016

Exemplar operates at the intersection of the Quadruple Bottom Line:  Financial, Social, Environmental, and Spiritual.  We believe that remarkable companies have a responsibility to take care of both the stakeholders and shareholders.  By caring about our people, by creating a positive social impact, and by supporting a more sustainable environment, we are doing our part to make the world a better place for ourselves while promoting a more profitable future for all.

Operating a business at the intersection of the Quadruple Bottom Line requires thoughtful processes and progressive policies that require us to consider the social, environmental and spiritual impact of our actions, take on a duty to care for our stakeholders - and above all, attract and retain a team that genuinely cares.

Read the news and you will find many examples of ivory tower companies that have failed stakeholders, shareholders and society because of flawed value systems that are supposed to be the bedrock of responsible business.  Exemplar believes that new leaders must emerge who are willing to be accountable by taking care of stakeholders, shareholders, team members, and the environment in which we live.  This is what it means to be Exemplar!

Thanks for asking.  We help our Customers adopt and implement a Quadruple Bottom Line the best way we know how - we lead by example!  It’s the Exemplar way.